The beginning is also the end, stop and recharge on a civic carpet at Rothschild Boulevard.

The beginning is also the end, stop and recharge on a civic carpet at Rothschild Boulevard.

Project Name

Rothschild Plaza

Rothschild Plaza is a public space built atop a municipal parking lot serving the surrounding towers. It offers a pit-stop to relax from the urban hustle and bustle – a place for sitting, people watching and gathering. At once a terminal point at the start/end of the tree-lined promenade and an open pedestrian square, serving as a meet-up space for a variety of urban users and activities.

Multiple seating areas were designed for the plaza – including long and wide benches, single or double seating, among others. Twenty-nine mature Siglon trees were planted, despite limitations of tree planting on parking rooftops to provide maximum shade. The paving offers a variety of abstract geometric patterns creating an urban carpet demarcating areas for activities and gatherings of various sizes, along with marking the bike route for cyclists.

An outdoor shared workspace with an ecological canopy, seating, free WiFi and charging stations offers a chance to recharge and digitally reconnect.
The ‘Mosaic History of Tel Aviv’ an interactive installation was added to the plaza marking historical buildings on site, while forging new connections between the office and residential towers and the city’s past.

Second Phase
In the second phase of our project, we researched and distilled what’s most important for people to have in their workspace and created a place that caters to a large community of freelancers and employees of the surrounding office buildings. The project offers a comfortable and well-equipped work environment and propels the concept of open space and offsite work to a whole new level.

A series of unique urban furniture was designed especially for the project. The furniture is ergonomic and accessible and includes safe electrical charging outlets. Two pergolas shade the seating areas and are equipped with sliding partitions that allow privacy and prevent reflections across computer screens. Public wi-fi network is accessible throughout the entire area.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
Tel Aviv Municipality
3,955 sqml