A park beachfront as a place for natural resilience and programmatic habitat

A park beachfront as a place for natural resilience and programmatic habitat

Project Name

Park TLV

The planning methodology of the seafront park is based on three principles: the existing, existence and existentiality. The planning approach is rooted in these three values and aimed at creating a more gentle and sensitive approach to the land. 

Existing // the visual language of the landscape and its unique attributes. Ecology, scenery, and the existing culture within the future park. 

Existence // the humane, vegetation, inanimate life partaking in the local landscape that will become the base for future planning on the city scape. 


Existentiality // a planning approach that looks to combine between the needs of man and nature, and ensuring their prosperity in upcoming generations. 

Years of tractor activity and aqueduct water filtration has given the landscape a sandy and furrowed topology. Redesigning the hilly landscape is based in this notion of floating grass “islands” among the sand, enabling the natural division of the land into programmatic elements. 

The park itself creates a gradual transformation between conditions: from east to west the park decreases in intensity and becomes quieter as the urbanscape turns into landscape. The park includes the ocean street, entrance plazas to the park, and various activities enabling a space for strolling and leisure. The existing natural environment will undergo processes of preservation and minimizing harmful human activity, with the majority of the walking paths directed towards the cliff edge overlooking the sea.

The park will be created through the concept of ‘islands’, pockets of natural landscape partly old and partly new, that complement the existing natural island tapestry. As the movement intensifies to the east, so will the islands shrink and the surrounding areas grow larger. The natural activity will be replaced by human activity overlooking the seafront passage. 

Our competition proposal seeks to intervene and create a space for human interactions while preserving the elements in the park that have eroded over time, both by natural and human forces. This new Park beachfront will signify a place for natural resilience and programmatic habitat.

Tel Aviv, Israel